Who we look for

We are with talented people having challenge mindset, creative mindset, and community mindset.

Challenge Mindset

Talented people who do not settle down in
reality but challenge to higher goals.

Creative Mindset

Talented people who lead their change with

Community Mindset

Warm talented people who live and
grow together.

Human Resource Development

The results of the INCA Internet evaluation are
focused on promotion and reward as well as developing and fostering competence.

Evaluation system

Achieve your organization and individual goals
Evaluation according to objective factors
Differential compensation based on evaluation

Promotion system

Evaluation of work performance, job ability,
education completion report occupation factors, Deduction factor (working attitude, discipline, etc.)

Education support

Online education support
team workshop activity support
Work related education cost support

Job Description

Job title Job introduction
R&D - Security application development
- System programming
- Web programming
Response / Analysis - Malicious code sample collection, analysis, response, scope of trends
- Engine development
Security Consulting - Information protection consulting
- Integrated Security Solution
Security Control / CERT - Accident prevention, emergency response
IT Service - Internal infrastructure management and system construction
- Asset management
Technical Support - Customer installation / training / maintenance
- Failure factor analysis management
- Building and maintaining security solutions
- Build and maintain Partner Company Products
Marketing - Marketing / Promotion Planning
- Customer maintenance and market management, trend analysis
- Write press release
- Exhibition & Promotion Support
Sales - Sales
- Market research / Analysis
- Planning product sales
Business Support - Finance management
- Sales/Purchase/accounting management
- Human Resource management
- Legal affairs contract management
Design - UI/UX application design
- Marketing design
- Web design


Category Detail
Rewards Long-term worker reward 5 years, 10 years, 15 years Long-service employees give awards And grant money
Promotion Award Reward vacation, holiday fees and gift certificates
Support for stable living Life Subsidy Assistance Support for life stable fund loans (Applies only to employees whose tenure has been met within the limit amount)
House/dormitory Support staff housing and dormitories for employees who are away from their residence
Traffic fee Supporting fuel and general transportation expenses when conditions are fulfilled
Telecommunication expenses Support telecommunication expenses exceeding certain level due to work
Admission fee for children Admission Fee for Elementary, Middle and High School Students
Medical expenses Comprehensive Health Checkup Support
Gift payment for Family events Expenses for congratulations
and condolences
Supporting expenses for congratulations and condolences (Marriage, sixtieth birth, childbirth etc)
Wreath Marriage, funeral wreath sending
Birthday present Birthday gift on your birthday
Holiday gift Holiday gift payment
Leisure Resort Hanwha Resort accommodation available at national resorts
Club Monthly club day operation, support for club activities
Etc Food expenses for night shift Night worker dinner payment
Dining expenses Monthly payment for each team
4 major insurance National pension, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance, health insurance
Etc cafeteria