Company Introduction

Founded in the year 2000, INCA Internet has been breaking new grounds in the online security industry for more than a decade and now is the leading IT security solution company in Korea.

INCA Internet keeps its competiveness by investing in technology and talent development. The company was selected as a promising SMB export company and technology innovation program in Korea. Awards such as the Ministry of Knowledge Economy Minister’s award was received.

nProtect, a security solution product of INCA Internet, is equipped with excellent technology and customer service system protecting various information security services in online, PC & mobile games, firewall and mobile platform. nProtect product stability and technology has been proven by 600 customer websites and over 10 million users.

TACHYON, an EDR technology based endpoint protection product, provides anti-malware and security solution for personal and enterprise environment. TACHYON anti-malware technology achieved international certifications such as VB100. All products are backed with 24 hours and 365 days a year of malware sample collection, analysis, response and detection by the Security Response Center and Technical Research Center.

INCA Internet is No.1 in cybersecurity market share for public & financial institutions and game companies. Expansion to the global market in Japan, China and North America are being made steadily. Not only do we plan to be a global cybersecurity company, but we want to make the internet a safer place for everyone.



  • Conducted KISA customized anti-virus project

  • Launched TACHYON brand


  • Conducted KISA customized anti-virus project

  • Selected as education center for Seoul students by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education


  • Conducted KISA customized anti-virus project

  • Conducted KERIS Educational Information System PC security project

  • Won the Grand Prize for security standardization in iEco Award


  • Selected as a KICOX Global Leading Company

  • Received commendation from Minister of Science and ICT


  • Provided financial security solution for China Industrial Bank

  • Provided financial security solution for Bank of America

  • Conducted KISA customized anti-virus project


  • Selected as excellent technology research center by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

  • Prevented damages from spreading in the June 25th Cyber Attacks in Korea

  • Responded to the March 20th Network Attacks in Korea

  • Conducted KISA malicious SMS phishing app analysis verification project

  • Received commendation from the Guro District Office for Corporate Innovation

  • Won the Venture Business Association Achievement Award


  • Won the Minister of Knowledge Economy Award

  • Selected as a technology development business linking overseas demand

  • Selected as the Top 30 Domestic Software

  • Selected for technology innovation development project by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

  • Selected as a Global Hidden Champion

  • Won the 4th Education Mecenat Award

  • Conducted KISA customized anti-virus project


  • Contracted with RSI as the sales and distributor for the US market

  • Won the Grand Prize in 10th Korea Software Industry Competitiveness Award

  • Conducted KISA customized anti-virus project

  • Established US branch office


  • Established UK branch office (nProtect Europe Ltd)

  • Won the 2010 Korea Globalization Strategy Leadership Award

  • Distributed anti-virus for July 7th DDoS Attacks Crisis in Korea


  • Selected as an INNO-BIZ company

  • Received commendation from Minister of Public Administration and Security


  • Won the Grand Prize in High Tech Award

  • Selected as an export promising small business


  • Selected as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in Asia Pacific

  • Provided nProtect product to Aomori Bank, Akita Bank and Kayo Bank in Japan

  • Selected as core enterprise in Korea


  • Selected as technology innovative SME in Korea

  • Won the Prime Minister Award for Venture Company

  • Won the Grand Prize in Korea Software Technology Award


  • Obtained TL9000 certification

  • Selected as promising SME in Korea

  • Selected as KDB Venture Star by the Korea Development Bank


  • Certified as Golden Brand Excellence Company


  • Obtained Public Security Department of China certification

  • PC Firewall product selected as the administrative information protection system for Ministry of Interior and Safety

  • Won the Grand Prize in 3rd Digital Innovation Award


  • Obtained Korea New Technology Certificate (NT)

  • Won the Grand Prize in Korea Software Award

  • Selected as a superior technology company

  • Won the 38th IR52 Jang Young-sil Award

  • Established European branch office


  • Selected as Best Product by Seoul Economy Newspaper

  • Selected as IT Hit Product and received customer satisfaction award by Digital Times


  • INCA Internet Co., Ltd. is established

  • Online anti-virus provided for free

Message from the CEO

First of all, thank you for your interest in our company.

INCA Internet has become the cybersecurity company today with the support from our customers. Our 'nProtect' security products are spread out not only in the Korean market but also in financial industry in Japan, North America and Europe. We are now No.1 in online game security global market share.

The latest TACHYON brand, a EDR based endpoint security solution, contains our knowledge of anti-malware technology and stability gained from projects such as virus preventive system for Korea Ministry of Defense and customized anti-virus for Korea Internet & Security Agency.

Our company goal is to lead the trend with advanced technology and ideas. We strive to create information security society based around the user with our corporate motto "Creative Mind, Challenge, Inspire Customers and Create Trust".

We are constantly challenging ourselves to provide the optimum security solution for anyone, anywhere and anytime. We will continue to develop reliable security solution products that will ensure we become a global company in the future.

CEO of INCA Internet Corporation

Global Business

Beyond the domestic to oversea, we are growing into global security company.


  • Participated in Chinajoy

  • Participated in Digital Taipei

  • Participated in Tokyo Game Show

  • Participated in JAPAN IT Week


  • Participated in ICBA Community Bankers Exhibition

  • Participated in RSA security exhibition

  • Participated in USA Mobile Payment Conference

  • Participated in Money2020 Exhibition in USA


  • Participated in US Financial Security Conference 37th ARCC

  • Participated in US Security Conference RCS


  • Providing financial security solution for China Industrial Bank

  • Providing financial security solution for Bank of America


  • Participated in China Joy Game Developer Conference


  • Provided nProtect products to Aomori Bank, Akita Bank and Keiyo Bank in Japan


  • Obtained Public Security Department of China certification


  • Established European branch office

CI, BI Introduction

Growth as a global security company.

INCA Internet CI emphasizes strong and innovative image. The elliptical band expresses our will to serve our customers for their satisfaction in the global market.


Ai, PNG file

nProtect spreading far and wide around the world.

The symbolic shield shows the strong nProtect security service and the phrase placed below expresses the future of nProtect.


Ai, PNG file

TACHYON, detection faster than the speed of light.

he symbol mark and line in the logo was emphasized to match its origin and meaning ‘Faster than the speed of light’. A slogan that expresses innovation in endpoint security is placed to emphasize the new beginning of security.


Ai, PNG file

Character Introduction

Guardy is the mascot of INCA Internet Game Security.

he shield and the high sword is the trademark of nProtect Guardy. Guardy is an information protector knight who has the heart of a lion to detect malwares and is always kind to people.

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