Business Area

We are strengthening security in various areas such as finance, games, mobile and endpoints.

Online Security

INCA Internet has maintained its position as the No. 1 financial security provider in Korea by successfully providing various security services to public institutions, financial corporations and leading enterprises. We will strive for future growth with an integrated online security service that prevents information leaks, keyboard hacking and financial accidents on the user's PC, and will provide new value and trust to our customers.

Online Game Security

Over 300 game clients and 300 million users around the world have been using this technology for more than 15 years to develop safe game environments with the know-how of R & D and game hacking reaction. In addition, we have achieved tremendous growth by introducing Korea's leading game security technology in the global game market including China, Japan, and USA.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint devices such as PC and server systems that are used for convenience and efficiency are exposed to various security threats at the same time as they are convenient, and are likely to cause accidents. To prevent these accidents, INCA Internet provides EDR solution with various endpoint security solutions such as anti-virus, PC security, and secure USB that protect the corporate environment.

Transaction Security

We provide security solutions and software development tools necessary for transaction process such as antivirus so that developers can apply easily and conveniently. The technology that has been accumulated over many years can support various application and solution interworking, and it is easy to build security environment with optimized interface function.

Mobile Security

As the mobile market has expanded, mobile threats have also increased. INCA Internet provides a development environment (SDK) tailored to the application and client environment to protect important data on smartphones with mobile malware detection, keypad security, and antispyware.

Finance Log Management

Prevention of financial fraud by using a Fraud Detection System (FDS) that detects fraud by analyzing electronic financial transaction logs in real time. The Big Data-based profiling engine and advanced data analysis technology provide accurate and rapid security to financial institutions including banks, securities, insurance and card companies.

Main Products

Over 15 years of security technology and experience to create a safe and convenient user environment.

nProtect Online Security


Protects PC from key logging, phishing, pharming, information leakage, financial accidents and provides online integrated security service.

nProtect GameGuard


An online game security solution that protects your clients and prevents hacking to create a secure online gameplay environment.

nProtect AppGuard


A mobile app security service that easily and quickly applies security features to mobile apps with one-click, encrypting executable files and preventing hacking.

TACHYON Endpoint Security 5.0


Advanced anti-virus solution that blocks cyber threats such as malware, spyware, ransomware, etc. Safely protect user system and important information with improved real-time monitoring and protection features.

TACHYON Total Security 3.0


Advanced security solution that blocks cyberattack, ransomware, etc. by monitoring corporate PC security status and provides efficient management of assets and security policies.

TACHYON Core Suite 1.0


SDK solution that detects and cleans malware and is easy to apply to various work system, platform and service.


CC Certification

Products Certified Level Date/(Expiration Date)
TACHYON Total Security 3.0 EAL3 2019. 2. 21
(2022. 2. 20)
TACHYON Endpoint Security 5.0 EAL3 2018. 6. 18
(2021. 6. 17)
nProtect Enterprise V3.5 EAL2 2016. 1. 12
(2022. 1. 11)
nProtect UMS V3.5 EAL2 2014. 12. 24
(2020. 12. 23)

National Cryptography Module

Products Certified Level Date
nProtect Crypto V1.1 CM-149-2024.1 2019. 1. 7

GS Certification

Products Certified Level Date
nProtect PinAuth 1.0 19-0183 2019. 4. 25.
TACHYON Mobile Security 5.0 19-0029 2019. 1. 14.
TACHYON White Security 5.0 18-0455 2018. 9. 6
TACHYON Server Security 5.0 18-0135 2018. 2. 26
TACHYON Endpoint Security 5.0 18-0026 2018. 1. 11
TACHYON Policy Manager 3.0 18-0027 2018. 1. 11
TACHYON Patch Manager System 3.0 18-0055 2018. 1. 22
nProtect Enterprise V3.5 16-0176 2016. 5. 30
TACHYON Core Suite 1.0 16-0051 2016. 2. 15
nProtect MARS V1.0 15-0140 2015. 5. 21
nProtect UMS V3.5 15-0128 2015. 5. 11
nProtect Online Security V1.0 14-0089 2014. 4. 21
nProtect Anti-Virus/Spyware V4.0 14-0029 2014. 2. 10
nProtect Anti-Virus/Spyware V4.0 For Windows Server 14-0028 2014. 2. 10
nProtect Anti-Virus/Spyware V3.5 14-0054 2013. 3. 17
nProtect Anti-Virus/Spyware V3.5 For Windows Server 14-0055 2013. 3. 17
nProtect Netizen V5.5 13-0186 2013. 8. 19
nProtect KeyCrypt V6.5 13-0185 2013. 8. 19
nProtect Mobile SDK V1.0 13-0051 2013. 3. 18
nProtect KeyCrypt V V1.0 13-0047 2013. 3. 4
nProtect KeyCrypt M V1.0 12-0167 2012. 9. 17
nProtect Secu Log Master V3.0 10-0210 2010. 11. 15
nProtect Enterprise V3.0 10-0002 2010. 1. 4
nProtect WebScan V1.4 09-0168 2009. 9. 10
nProtect Netizen V5.5 09-0121 2009. 7. 13
nProtect GameGuard Pro V2.0 06-0199 2006. 11. 20